QSC K12 Soft Padded Tote for K12/K12.2 Speakers

QSC K12 Soft Padded Tote for K12/K12.2 Speakers

Are you tired of lugging around your QSC K12/K12.2 speakers without proper protection? Look no further! Introducing the QSC K12 Soft Padded Tote, the perfect solution for transporting your speakers with ease and peace of mind.

Convenient and Protective

Designed specifically for the QSC K12 and K12.2 speakers, this soft padded tote offers a snug fit and ultimate protection. The durable nylon exterior shields your speakers from scratches, dings, and other potential damages during transportation.

The soft padded interior lining provides an extra layer of cushioning, ensuring that your speakers remain safe and secure. The tote also features reinforced handles and a sturdy zipper closure, making it easy to carry and access your speakers whenever you need them.

Key Features:

  • Custom-designed for QSC K12/K12.2 speakers
  • Durable nylon exterior
  • Soft padded interior lining
  • Reinforced handles for easy carrying
  • Sturdy zipper closure

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this tote for other speaker models?

No, this tote is specifically designed for QSC K12 and K12.2 speakers. It may not fit other speaker models properly.

2. Is the tote water-resistant?

While the nylon exterior provides some protection against light moisture, it is not completely waterproof. We recommend avoiding exposure to heavy rain or water.

3. Can I leave the speakers in the tote while in use?

No, the tote is designed for transportation and storage purposes only. Please remove the speakers from the tote before using them.


The QSC K12 Soft Padded Tote is the ideal accessory for any QSC K12/K12.2 speaker owner. With its convenient design and reliable protection, you can transport your speakers with confidence and ease. Don’t compromise on the safety of your valuable equipment – invest in the QSC K12 Soft Padded Tote today!