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Gidexo WiFi HD 1080P+720 P FPV Dual Camera Drone – Product Description

Gidexo WiFi HD 1080P+720 P FPV Dual Camera Drone – Product Description

Gidexo WiFi HD 1080P+720 P FPV Dual Camera Drone

Introducing the Gidexo WiFi HD 1080P+720 P FPV Dual Camera Drone, the perfect companion for aerial photography and videography enthusiasts. With its high-definition 4k camera and 120 wide angle lens, this drone captures stunning visuals from the sky.

Key Features

HD 4k Camera

The Gidexo drone is equipped with a high-definition 4k camera, allowing you to capture crystal clear photos and videos from above. Whether you’re exploring scenic landscapes or documenting special moments, this camera ensures exceptional image quality.

120 Wide Angle Lens

With its 120 wide angle lens, the Gidexo drone offers a broader perspective, allowing you to capture more of the surroundings in a single shot. This wide field of view adds depth and dimension to your aerial footage, creating immersive visuals.

Long Flight Time

Featuring a 3000 Mah battery, the Gidexo drone offers an impressive flight time, allowing you to enjoy extended periods of aerial exploration. Spend more time in the air and capture breathtaking footage without worrying about battery life.

Auto Foldable Locking

The Gidexo drone is designed with convenience in mind. Its auto foldable locking feature allows for easy storage and transportation. Simply fold the drone and lock it securely in place, making it compact and portable for your adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can kids operate this drone?

Yes, the Gidexo drone is suitable for kids and adults alike. It is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and safety features to ensure a smooth flying experience for beginners.

2. How far can the drone fly?

The Gidexo drone has a maximum control range of 500 meters, allowing you to explore vast areas and capture stunning footage from a distance.

3. Does the drone come with a carrying bag?

Yes, the Gidexo drone comes with a premium bag that provides protection and convenience for carrying the drone and its accessories.


The Gidexo WiFi HD 1080P+720 P FPV Dual Camera Drone is a versatile and feature-packed device that offers an exceptional aerial photography and videography experience. With its high-definition 4k camera, wide angle lens, long flight time, and auto foldable locking feature, this drone is perfect for both kids and adults. Capture stunning visuals from the sky and embark on exciting aerial adventures with the Gidexo drone.