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Chinese Writing Paper

Chinese Writing Paper

Chinese Writing Paper


Chinese writing paper, also known as rice paper or Xuan paper, is a traditional type of paper used for writing and calligraphy in China. It has a long history and is highly regarded for its unique qualities.

Benefits of Chinese Writing Paper

1. Smooth Texture

Chinese writing paper has a smooth and delicate texture, which allows the brush to glide effortlessly across the surface. This smoothness enhances the writing experience and enables the calligrapher to create precise and graceful strokes.

2. Absorbency

One of the key features of Chinese writing paper is its absorbency. It quickly absorbs ink, preventing it from smudging or bleeding. This is especially important for calligraphy, as it allows the ink to dry quickly and maintain its clarity.

3. Durability

Despite its delicate appearance, Chinese writing paper is surprisingly durable. It can withstand the pressure of the brush without tearing or wrinkling, making it ideal for practicing calligraphy or creating intricate artworks.


Q: Can Chinese writing paper be used with other writing instruments?

A: While Chinese writing paper is primarily designed for brush calligraphy, it can also be used with other writing instruments such as pens or pencils. However, the unique texture and absorbency of the paper may affect the writing experience.

Q: Where can I buy Chinese writing paper?

A: Chinese writing paper can be purchased at art supply stores, online retailers, or specialty stationery shops. It is available in various sizes and thicknesses to suit different preferences and needs.


Chinese writing paper is a versatile and essential tool for calligraphers and artists. Its smooth texture, absorbency, and durability make it the perfect choice for practicing calligraphy or creating beautiful artworks. Experience the beauty and functionality of Chinese writing paper today!