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Axdwfd Kids Bike 18″ & 20″ Kids Outdoor Bicycle

Axdwfd Kids Bike 18″ & 20″ Kids Outdoor Bicycle


The Axdwfd Kids Bike is a perfect outdoor bicycle for children aged 9-14 years old. It comes in two sizes, 18″ and 20″, suitable for boys and girls. This adjustable children mountain bike is available in blue and red colors, making it an ideal gift for kids. The bike is designed to be safe and stable, with training wheels for early riders and an adjustable seat to accommodate children of different heights.

About Us

At Axdwfd, we believe that cycling is the first step towards children’s freedom and independence. As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of a good bike for our children. That’s why we focus on producing lightweight and beautiful children’s bicycles that prioritize quality, functionality, safety, design, and high value retention.

Key Features

– Detachable support wheels for added stability
– Very stable steel frame with deep and impact-resistant multilayer coating
– Balanced auxiliary wheels in line with national safety standards
– ISO sealed bottom bracket with square and alloy bearings
– German certified non-toxic safety fixtures
– Aluminum rim with extra-thick 40 cm (16 inch) pneumatic tires
– Fully enclosed chain box
– Child-friendly brake lever with comfortable adjustment

Scope of Supply

The Axdwfd Kids Bike comes pre-assembled, with the final assembly taking at least 25 minutes. It includes detailed and graphical assembly instructions, as well as instructions for use. The necessary tools are also included in the package.

How to Choose the Right Bike for Your Child

– For children with a height of 43″ – 59″ and aged 7-13 years old, the 18-inch bike is recommended.
– For children with a height of 47″ – 65″ and aged 9-14 years old, the 20-inch bike is recommended.


You can find the right brackets and other accessories for the Axdwfd Kids Bike in our store. If you have any questions about the assembly or the product itself, please feel free to contact our customer service.


The Axdwfd Kids Bike is a high-quality and stylish outdoor bicycle for children. Its adjustable features, safety measures, and attractive design make it a perfect gift for kids. With our focus on quality and functionality, you can trust that your child will have a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Choose the Axdwfd Kids Bike and let your child embark on their cycling journey towards freedom and independence.