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Chicco Enjoy Colors Gym NEUtral Piece Of 1 Grey

Chicco Enjoy Colors Gym NEUtral, Piece Of 1, Grey

Chicco Enjoy Colors Gym NEUtral, Piece Of 1, Grey

3in1 baby play gym with melodies and colorful projections inspired by cromo therapy. It is perfect for cuddle and relax time during their daily life. Chicco’s Enjoy Colors Gym helps the child to relax and entertains him during the hours of the day, thanks to pleasant melodies and color-rich projections inspired by chromotherapy. 3 different features offered by the Enjoy Colors Gym in pink version, two for the day and one for the night: day activity: electronic gym for children with melodies and colored projections; day activity: 83cm soft mat and pillow, ideal for tummy time; night activity: night light to be placed on the bedside table and moon-shaped projector.

Set Contains:

  • Chicco Enjoy Colors Gym 0m+, Neutral x 13-in-1: electronic gym, playmat with cushion and portable star night light
  • Electronic baby gym with projections and melodies
  • Automatic changing color
  • 83 cm round playmat with cushion for tummy time
  • Peek-a-boo activity

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the play gym suitable for newborns?
  2. Yes, the Chicco Enjoy Colors Gym is suitable for newborns and can be used from 0 months onwards.

  3. Can the night light be used separately?
  4. Yes, the night light can be detached from the gym and used as a portable star night light.

  5. Are the melodies soothing for babies?
  6. Yes, the melodies played by the gym are designed to be calming and soothing for babies.


The Chicco Enjoy Colors Gym is a versatile and entertaining play gym for babies. With its colorful projections, soothing melodies, and comfortable playmat, it provides a stimulating and relaxing environment for babies to play and rest. The detachable night light adds a calming touch to the nursery, making it a perfect addition to any baby’s daily routine.

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