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THE EDEN PROJECT Home Compostable Coffee Pods

THE EDEN PROJECT Home Compostable Coffee Pods

THE EDEN PROJECT Home Compostable Coffee Pods

“Delicious AND Sustainable – Capsule Coffee with a conscience.”

The responsible disposal of used coffee capsules is a huge and growing problem for the environment and these ground-breaking capsules solve this problem as they break down into simple raw materials in either a domestic compost heap, a landfill site or a council food waste bio-digester in a matter of weeks. It doesn’t matter where you dispose of them, they will quickly breakdown into biomass, water & CO鈧?in weeks with little or no environmental impact.


  • Compatible with Nespresso Original system coffee machines
  • Extra value 100 pod pack
  • Decaf Italian Espresso flavor

Easy and Sustainable Disposal

The new technology means that you no longer need to peel off the foil, empty the coffee and sort the components into separate recycling bins. The Eden Project capsules can simply just be added to your composting bin, compost heap, food recycling bin, or your general waste bin taking all of the effort out of responsible disposal of the used capsule.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

The capsules are made from sustainable bio-polymers and cellulose, offering a full oxygen barrier without the need for any additional packaging to keep the premium coffees in perfect condition until you want to use them. The skillets are recyclable card, printed using vegetable-based inks which can be recycled. This means that 100% of the product is compostable or recyclable.


  • Plastic Free
  • EN13432 Seedling Compostable
  • Climate Neutral
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffees

Machine Compatibility

The Eden Project Nespresso compatible coffee capsules guarantee full machine compatibility with all brands, makes, and models of Nespresso* system machines.

Decaf Italian Espresso Flavor

Enjoy the rich, smooth body of a 100% Arabica medium roasted decaffeinated Italian espresso. It balances body and vibrancy, with an intense lingering flavor, bold & citrusy releasing sweet caramels and toasted nuts.

*Nespresso is a registered trade mark owned by Société Des Produits Nestlé S.A. Fresh Coffee Shop Ltd is not connected or associated in any way to Nestlé or Nespresso S.

Biodegradable & Compostable

Enjoy great tasting coffee without contributing to plastic pollution. The plastic-free capsules simply turn into soil-enriching compost.

Climate Neutral Accredited

Our capsules are manufactured using renewable energy & resources.

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