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Postmenopause Test – Measures Estradiol and Progesterone

The menopause lasts about two years, during which 90% of our hormones are lost. The two key hormones affected by that are estradiol and progesterone. A balanced ratio between progesterone and estrogen protects the body against various illnesses and is important after menopause as well. A hormone deficiency or imbalance can have affects our general health in different kind of ways.

Possible symptoms of an estrogen/progesterone imbalance:

  • lack of concentration
  • fatigue, lethargy
  • anxiety, depressive detuning
  • nausea
  • deposits of water
  • increased body weight

Test scope

Verisana analyzes your saliva samples to define the estrogen and progesterone level in order to deduce if your level is within or outside the normal reference range.

What are the benefits of the test?

  • You get to know your estrogen and progesterone levels
  • Verisana shows your level with regard to the reference levels
  • In case your levels are too high or low, you can find out the causes and try to treat this disorder with natural medicine.

How does the test work?

You receive your test kit with everything you need. You collect your saliva sample from the comfort of your home and send it right back to us. After the analysis, we send your results via email in a confidential format.

CHECK: Measure your E2 and Pg levels with this postmenopause test kit in order to detect an estrogen dominance and/or a progesterone deficiency. Analysis in a CLIA-certified lab.

CONTROL: An estrogen/progesterone imbalance after menopause can cause several disorders, such as depression, hair loss, and many more. It is therefore good to check your hormones regularly and to treat any discovered imbalances appropriately.

SIMPLICITY: Easy hormone test to do at home – once you get your saliva test kit, take the sample and send it back to our lab.

COMPREHENSIVE: Everything included – sample instruction, test tubes, and a bag for return shipment. Scientific analysis and laboratory report via email included in the price.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to regulatory reasons, this test is currently not available in NY/NJ/RI/MD.