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ARRIUnit Bag II (Small Black): The Perfect Travel Companion for Your Gear

ARRIUnit Bag II (Small, Black): The Perfect Travel Companion for Your Gear

Traveling with your gear has never been easier with the ARRIUnit Bag II. This small and compact bag is designed to be used as hand luggage on airplanes, ensuring that your valuable equipment is always within reach. Whether you are a professional photographer, videographer, or simply a hobbyist, this bag is a must-have for your travels.

Stay Organized with Multiple Pockets

The ARRIUnit Bag II features three different-sized exterior pockets, allowing you to store and access your extra bits and pieces with ease. No more rummaging through your bag to find that one cable or accessory. Everything has its place in this thoughtfully designed bag.

Removable Accessory Pouches

Not only does the ARRIUnit Bag II have exterior pockets, but it also comes with three removable accessory pouches. These pouches provide additional storage options and can be easily detached and reattached to suit your needs. Keep your cables, batteries, and other small items organized and secure.

Elastic Drawstring and Cord Lock

The top of the lid of the ARRIUnit Bag II is equipped with an elastic drawstring and cord lock. This feature ensures that your gear stays securely in place during travel. No more worrying about items shifting or falling out of your bag.

Convenient Shoulder Strap

The ARRIUnit Bag II comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Whether you prefer to carry it by hand or sling it over your shoulder, this bag offers versatility and comfort. Say goodbye to bulky and uncomfortable bags.

Additional Dividers and Luggage Tags

With the ARRIUnit Bag II, you will also receive additional dividers and luggage tags. These dividers allow you to customize the interior of the bag to fit your specific gear. The luggage tags make it easy to identify your bag and add a personal touch.

  • Includes: 1x shoulder strap, 1x long divider, 2x short divider, 4x hook-and-loop, 1x cord, 2x luggage tag, rain cover.
  • Weight (gr): 3500
  • WxHxD (mm): 470x265x265
  • Volume: 30 L

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ARRIUnit Bag II suitable for all types of gear?

Yes, the ARRIUnit Bag II is designed to accommodate a wide range of gear, including cameras, lenses, accessories, and more. Its customizable interior allows you to configure the space according to your specific needs.

Can the ARRIUnit Bag II be used as a carry-on bag on airplanes?

Yes, the ARRIUnit Bag II is designed to meet the size requirements for hand luggage on most airlines. However, we recommend checking with your airline for their specific regulations to ensure compliance.

Is the ARRIUnit Bag II waterproof?

The ARRIUnit Bag II comes with a rain cover, providing protection against light rain and moisture. However, it is not completely waterproof and should not be submerged in water.


The ARRIUnit Bag II is the ultimate travel companion for photographers and videographers. Its compact size, multiple pockets, and removable accessory pouches offer convenience and organization on the go. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying bulky bags and hello to a sleek and efficient solution for your gear. Invest in the ARRIUnit Bag II and travel with confidence.

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