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MURMAZ Case Designed for iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inch)

MURMAZ Case Designed for iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inch)

MURMAZ Case Designed for iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inch)

Introducing the MURMAZ Case Designed for iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inch). This case is not just your ordinary phone cover. It combines style, protection, and functionality to give you the best experience with your iPhone 13 Pro.

Stylish and Protective

With its clear, cute, girly flower floral design, this case adds a touch of elegance to your phone. The beautiful floral pattern is perfect for women and girls who want to showcase their personal style. The hard back and soft bumper provide excellent protection against scratches, drops, and impacts, keeping your iPhone 13 Pro safe and secure.

Slim and Shockproof

The slim design of this case ensures that it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your phone. It maintains the sleek profile of the iPhone 13 Pro while still offering reliable protection. The shockproof feature absorbs and disperses impact, minimizing damage to your device in case of accidental drops or bumps.

Hybrid Phone Cover

This case is made from a combination of high-quality materials to provide the best protection for your iPhone 13 Pro. The hard back is made from durable polycarbonate, while the soft bumper is made from flexible TPU. Together, they create a hybrid phone cover that offers both style and functionality.

Easy Access and Compatibility

The precise cutouts on this case allow easy access to all ports, buttons, and features of the iPhone 13 Pro. You can charge your phone, adjust the volume, and use the camera without any hassle. The case is specifically designed for the iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inch), ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility.

  • Q: Is this case compatible with wireless charging?
  • A: Yes, this case is compatible with wireless charging. You can conveniently charge your iPhone 13 Pro without removing the case.
  • Q: Will the floral design fade over time?
  • A: No, the floral design is made using advanced printing technology that ensures long-lasting vibrancy and resistance to fading.
  • Q: Can I easily remove the case if needed?
  • A: Yes, the case is designed to be easily removable, allowing you to switch cases or clean your phone whenever necessary.


The MURMAZ Case Designed for iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inch) is the perfect choice for women and girls who want a stylish and protective phone cover. With its clear, cute, girly flower floral design, slim and shockproof construction, and easy access to all features, this case offers both beauty and functionality. Get yours today and give your iPhone 13 Pro the protection it deserves!

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