Shopisfy Soft and Comfortable Cube Bean Bag Footstool Pouffe, Jumbo Cord – Mocha

Shopisfy Soft and Comfortable Cube Bean Bag Footstool Pouffe, Jumbo Cord – Mocha

Put your feet up and relax…..

Had a long day? We have a treat for your feet! When you’re feeling weary after a long day at work, there’s nothing better than coming home to some real comfort. No matter what your plans are for the evening, this beanbag footstool will help you relax automatically. You could be enjoying your favourite TV show with your feet up? Maybe you’d prefer unwinding with a cup of tea and a book? Everyone has their own way of relaxing during the week, but you definitely won’t say no to a footstool when you’ve been on your feet all day. This could also be a great gift! Treat someone with a footstool they can look forward to. Think about a friend or family member who’s always busy and on their feet. They’ll definitely thank you for it. We have a range of colours and shapes, so you can choose between a round shape or a square. These footstools beanbags come in a durable and soft jumbo cord material and are available in 5 beautiful colours: Steel, Mink, Black, Mocha and Charcoal.

Who would it be perfect for?

  • Those who are on their feet for many hours per day
  • Elderly family members or those who are pregnant
  • A gift for your parents on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day

Approximate measurements:

  • Square – Width 35cm, Height 35cm, Depth 35cm
  • Round – Width 44cm, Height 30cm

Even if you just want to treat yourself, you won’t regret purchasing Loft 25’s beanbag footstools. It’s not too solid and has the perfect amount of filling so your feet can stay up for long periods. Get in touch if you have queries!


With our ergonomically designed footstool bean bag, you will be able to relax for hours with comfort. Our Hippo bean bag is very flexible and comfortable. When all is cold and cloudy outside, putting your feet up on a comfortable footstool is all you’ll need. It’s great for all the busy bees who are on their feet all day. Let us help you unwind.


These square footstools measure 35cm x 35cm x 35cm approximately. The material is a durable and soft jumbo cord.


Our footstool is designed with unique looking fabric which adds a soft luxurious feel. It is also adaptable and durable, great for families and friends, and amazing for hours of watching TV, gaming, or just conversing with your loved ones for hour on end.


It’s small enough to easily store away when you don’t need it but important enough to relax your aching feet. You wouldn’t be able to resist!


Here at Hippo, we have a dedicated team of designers who have worked together to produce the Hippo footstool bean bag.