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Persil 4in1 Discs – Silan Freshness

Persil 4in1 Discs – Silan Freshness

Persil 4in1 Discs – Silan Freshness

Introducing Persil 4in1 Discs – Silan Freshness, the revolutionary detergent that combines four powerful chambers in one disc. With 10 times the power compared to regular powder detergents, Persil 4in1 Discs provide exceptional cleaning results.

4in1 Formula for a Deep Clean

Thanks to their four chambers, Persil Discs penetrate deep into the fibers, ensuring perfect cleanliness. The unique enzyme blend in Persil’s formula effectively tackles even the most stubborn stains, leaving your clothes spotless.

Long-lasting Freshness

After each wash, Persil 4in1 Discs leave your laundry with a pleasant and long-lasting freshness. The optimized fragrance compositions ensure that your clothes smell amazing, even after several washes.

Extra Brightness

Persil Discs provide a unique and improved brightness for your clothes. Say goodbye to greying fabrics, as Persil’s powerful formula keeps your garments looking vibrant and new.

Protection to the Fabrics

Despite its powerful cleaning abilities, Persil Discs are gentle on fabrics. Suitable for temperature ranges of 20°C – 95°C, you can trust Persil to effectively clean your clothes without causing any damage.

Easy to Use

Each Persil 4in1 Disc contains a pre-measured dose, eliminating the need for pouring or measuring. Simply place the capsule in the washing machine drum, and let Persil do the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How many discs are included in a pack of Persil 4in1 Discs – Silan Freshness?
  • A: Each pack contains 88 discs, providing you with long-lasting cleaning power.
  • Q: Can Persil 4in1 Discs remove tough stains?
  • A: Yes, Persil’s unique enzyme blend is designed to tackle even the most stubborn stains, ensuring outstanding cleaning results.
  • Q: Are Persil Discs suitable for all fabric types?
  • A: Yes, Persil Discs are gentle on fabrics and can be used with a wide range of temperature settings.


Persil 4in1 Discs – Silan Freshness is the ultimate laundry detergent that combines four powerful benefits in one convenient disc. With its deep cleaning formula, long-lasting freshness, extra brightness, and fabric protection, Persil Discs deliver exceptional results. Say goodbye to tough stains and hello to perfectly clean and fresh-smelling clothes with Persil 4in1 Discs.

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