The King Kush No Parking Sign | 8 x 12 Aluminum Outdoor Sign

The King Kush No Parking Sign

Are you a fan of King Kush and looking for a way to show your love? Look no further! Introducing The King Kush No Parking Sign, a one-of-a-kind outdoor sign that will catch everyone’s attention.

Eye-Catching Design

Measuring 8 x 12 inches, this aluminum sign features a bold and vibrant design that is sure to stand out. The King Kush logo is prominently displayed, making it clear to everyone that you are a true fan.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Made of high-quality aluminum, this sign is built to last. It is resistant to rust, fading, and cracking, ensuring that it will look great for years to come. Whether it’s rain or shine, The King Kush No Parking Sign will remain in perfect condition.

Easy Installation

Installing The King Kush No Parking Sign is a breeze. It comes with pre-drilled holes and rounded corners, making it easy to mount on any surface. Simply use screws or nails to secure it in place, and you’re good to go.

Perfect for Outdoor Use

Whether you want to display it in your backyard, on your front porch, or at your favorite smoking spot, this sign is designed for outdoor use. It can withstand the elements and is sure to grab the attention of passersby.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is this sign suitable for indoor use?
  2. No, The King Kush No Parking Sign is specifically designed for outdoor use. It is made of durable aluminum that can withstand various weather conditions.

  3. Can I customize the design?
  4. Currently, we only offer the standard design featuring the King Kush logo. However, we are constantly working on expanding our product range, so stay tuned for any updates.

  5. Does the sign come with mounting hardware?
  6. No, the sign does not come with mounting hardware. However, it has pre-drilled holes for easy installation. You can use screws or nails to mount it on any surface.

  7. Is the sign reflective?
  8. No, the sign is not reflective. It is made of aluminum with a vibrant design, but it does not have reflective properties.


If you’re a fan of King Kush and want to add a unique touch to your outdoor space, The King Kush No Parking Sign is the perfect choice. With its eye-catching design, durability, and easy installation, this sign is sure to impress. Get yours today and show off your love for King Kush!