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Portable PA System Active Speaker Battery Powered Bluetooth & 2x Microphones 10″

Portable PA System Active Speaker Battery Powered Bluetooth & 2x Microphones 10″

Portable PA System Active Speaker Battery Powered Bluetooth & 2x Microphones 10″

A complete 450W active speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker is ideal for small audiences and parties, schools or presentations. With the Bluetooth wireless technology users can simply connect their device and stream music effortlessly through the 450-watt speaker.

Fenton 170.091 FT10LED Active Speaker 10″ 450W

The speaker comes equipped with a dedicated microphone input with volume and echo control and an aux input to connect a CD player or your laptop for maximum flexibility.

Fenton 173.126 Handheld Microphone & Cable

Introducing the DM100, a fantastic dynamic wired microphone from one of the leading entertainment industry brands: Fenton. This lightweight microphone with dynamic insert is ideal for karaoke & PA applications for those not looking to spend hundreds of pounds. With a solid build and high quality audio output, your audience will hear your speeches or singing performances with crystal clear dynamics.

Reliability and Professional Performance

Whether performing at your local karaoke night or spreading an important message to the public, this sturdy, extremely affordable mic is perfect for you.

Main Features Include

  • 3m lead fitted with a 6.3mm Jack plug
  • On/Off switch
  • Crystal clear audio output
  • Suitable for many applications including Karaoke


  • Frequency Response: 100Hz – 10kHz
  • Sensitivity: -71dB
  • Impedance: 600 Ohm
  • Lead Length: 3M
  • Dimensions: 180 x 50mm
  • Weight: 266g

The FT10LED from Fenton is a compact and powerful portable PA system that is ideal for house parties or events in small venues. This battery powered PA system has built-in LED lights that surround the 10” woofer driver, which provide a unique party atmosphere.

A rechargeable battery is built into this portable PA speaker, allowing you to use it in any dry location without the need for a mains power supply. The battery will provide roughly 6 hours of operation depending on how loud the speaker is.

Wireless and wired handheld microphones are included with this wireless PA system, making it easy to sing or speak through the speaker. There are adjustable mic volume and echo controls available, allowing you to mix the audio perfectly for your requirements.

Bluetooth connectivity is available on the FT10LED portable PA system, allowing you to pair your smartphone or tablet and stream audio wirelessly. By pairing your smart device, you can play music or any other audio while avoiding trip hazards.

As well as Bluetooth, there is an integrated MP3 player in the speaker, which can be used with a USB thumb drive or SD card to play pre-saved audio files. There is also a 3.5mm Jack AUX input available to connect audio devices without wireless functionality.

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