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Evolution Power Tools R185SMS-Li Cordless Sliding Mitre Saw

Evolution Power Tools R185SMS-Li Cordless Sliding Mitre Saw

Evolution Power Tools R185SMS-Li Cordless Sliding Mitre Saw


The Evolution R185SMS-Li is a powerful cordless Sliding Mitre Saw capable of making precise cuts in new and reclaimed wood, plastics, composites, and metals. It’s the perfect tool for worksite and workshop use, and its compact size makes it ideal for serious home users.

Main Features

Multi-Material Cutting Technology

The R185SMS-Li is equipped with multi-material cutting technology, allowing you to effortlessly cut through various materials with ease. Whether it’s wood, plastic, composite, or metal, this mitre saw can handle it all.

Shadow Line LED Cutting Guide

Our innovative Shadow Line LED cutting guide projects the blade kerf onto the cutting surface, ensuring measure once cut once accuracy. This feature is especially useful when making precise cuts.

Large Cross-Cut Capacity

The R185SMS-Li offers a large 210mm x 58mm cross-cut capacity, providing greater cutting depth compared to other models. This allows you to tackle larger projects with ease.

Bevel and Mitre Cuts

This mitre saw allows for accurate and repeatable sliding bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degrees, as well as 50 to 50 degrees mitre cuts and compound cuts. It offers versatility for various cutting needs.

Ergonomic Design

The R185SMS-Li features ergonomic, ambidextrous handles for easy control and comfortable use. It is designed with user comfort in mind, ensuring a smooth cutting experience.

Dust Extraction Port

To keep your workspace clean, the R185SMS-Li comes with a dust extraction port and adaptor for vacuum compatibility. This helps to minimize dust and debris during operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this mitre saw cut through metal?

Yes, the R185SMS-Li is capable of making clean and accurate cuts through mild steel and non-ferrous metals with the supplied Multi-Material blade.

2. Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, the R185SMS-Li is supported by a 3-year limited warranty. Please note that the warranty is only valid if purchased in the UK.

3. Is the battery included?

No, the battery is sold separately. The R185SMS-Li is compatible with the Erbauer EXT battery system.


If you’re looking for a powerful, versatile, compact, and full-featured cordless Mitre Saw, the Evolution Power Tools R185SMS-Li is a cut above the competition. With its multi-material cutting technology, large cross-cut capacity, and ergonomic design, it is the perfect tool for both worksite and workshop use. Invest in the R185SMS-Li and experience the precision and convenience it offers.

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