UbiBot Motion Sensor MS1

UbiBot Motion Sensor MS1


The UbiBot Motion Sensor MS1 is a compact and innovative wireless motion sensor that allows you to detect occupancy and movement. With its infrared motion sensor, it can monitor the real-time dynamics of human bodies or animals. Using cutting-edge IoT technologies, the MS1 offers stable environmental monitoring with high performance.

Key Features

1. WiFi Connection

The MS1 is embedded with WiFi, allowing it to detect environmental data all day round and automatically sync all the data to the UbiBot IoT Platform. With WiFi connectivity, you can easily monitor and manage the sensor remotely.

2. Wide Detection Range

The MS1 has a wide detection range, with a horizontal range of 105 degrees and a vertical range of 40 degrees. This ensures that even slight movements of humans or animals can be detected, making it ideal for various scenarios.

3. Real-time Notifications

Our cloud-based IoT platform offers advanced data analysis and management. You can set up real-time notifications, so if a metric goes outside the range you specify, the platform will notify you through the app, email, SMS text, voice call, or HTTP. This allows you to respond promptly before any costly damage occurs.

4. IFTTT Integration

We are now working with IFTTT (if this then that), allowing you to build custom links with other smart devices. This integration opens up endless possibilities for automation and control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far can the MS1 detect motion?

A: The MS1 has a detection distance of up to 12 meters.

Q: Can I use the MS1 outdoors?

A: Yes, the MS1 is suitable for outdoor use. Its wide detection range and WiFi connectivity make it a versatile option for monitoring various environments.

Q: Is there a subscription fee for accessing the IoT platform?

A: No, our cloud-based platform is free to access. There are no subscription fees.


The UbiBot Motion Sensor MS1 is a reliable and versatile wireless motion sensor that offers advanced features such as WiFi connectivity, real-time notifications, and IFTTT integration. With its wide detection range and easy setup, it is perfect for keeping your home, office, or warehouse safe and secure. Accessible through our cloud-based IoT platform, you can monitor and manage the sensor data anytime, anywhere. Upgrade your security system with the UbiBot Motion Sensor MS1 today!