Yongnuo YN-560-IV Flash Speedlite Master + Slave + Built-In Trigger System

Yongnuo YN-560-IV Flash Speedlite Master + Slave + Built-In Trigger System

Are you looking for a reliable and versatile flash speedlite for your photography needs? Look no further than the Yongnuo YN-560-IV Flash Speedlite Master + Slave + Built-In Trigger System. This innovative product offers a range of features that will enhance your photography experience and help you capture stunning images.


1. Master and Slave Modes

The Yongnuo YN-560-IV Flash Speedlite can be used as both a master and a slave flash. In master mode, you can control multiple slave flashes wirelessly, allowing you to create complex lighting setups with ease. In slave mode, the flash can be triggered by another flash or a compatible trigger system.

2. Built-In Trigger System

Unlike other flash speedlites on the market, the Yongnuo YN-560-IV comes with a built-in trigger system. This means you don’t need to purchase an additional trigger to use the flash wirelessly. Simply set the flash to master mode and control your slave flashes effortlessly.

3. High Guide Number

The YN-560-IV has a high guide number of 58, allowing you to illuminate your subjects even in low light conditions. Whether you’re shooting portraits, events, or landscapes, this flash speedlite will provide you with the necessary power to capture well-exposed images.

4. Adjustable Zoom Range

With a zoom range of 24-105mm, the Yongnuo YN-560-IV can adapt to different focal lengths. This feature is particularly useful when using zoom lenses, as it allows you to match the flash coverage to the lens focal length, resulting in more even lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the Yongnuo YN-560-IV with my camera?

A: Yes, the YN-560-IV is compatible with most DSLR and mirrorless cameras. It features a universal hot shoe mount, making it easy to attach to your camera.

Q: Does the flash come with any accessories?

A: Yes, the Yongnuo YN-560-IV comes with a protective carrying case, a mini stand, and a diffuser. These accessories will help you protect and enhance the performance of your flash.

Q: How do I adjust the flash settings?

A: The YN-560-IV has an intuitive control panel with buttons for adjusting the power, zoom, and other settings. Additionally, it can be controlled remotely using the built-in trigger system.


The Yongnuo YN-560-IV Flash Speedlite Master + Slave + Built-In Trigger System is a must-have for photographers who want to take their lighting to the next level. With its versatile features, high guide number, and built-in trigger system, this flash speedlite offers exceptional value for money. Place your order today and start capturing professional-quality images.