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The Ashton – Drake Galleries ‘Sophia’ Touch-Activated So Truly Real Baby Girl Doll

The Ashton – Drake Galleries ‘Sophia’ Touch-Activated So Truly Real Baby Girl Doll

The Ashton – Drake Galleries ‘Sophia’ Touch-Activated So Truly Real Baby Girl Doll

“Sophia” is not just an ordinary baby doll. She is a masterpiece created by the renowned Master Artist Linda Murray. This lifelike baby doll is designed to provide an incredibly realistic experience for doll collectors and enthusiasts. With its touch-activated features, “Sophia” brings a new level of interactivity and charm to the world of dolls.

Realistic Features

One of the most remarkable aspects of “Sophia” is her ability to breathe, coo, and even have a heartbeat. This touch-activated functionality adds a whole new dimension to the doll, making her feel more like a real baby. The doll is also fully poseable, allowing you to create various adorable poses and expressions.

Furthermore, “Sophia” is realistically weighted to mimic the weight of a newborn baby. This attention to detail enhances the lifelike experience and makes her feel even more authentic in your arms.

RealTouch Skin

“Sophia” features RealTouch skin, which is a patented material that feels incredibly soft and lifelike. This innovative material gives the doll a realistic texture and makes her skin feel just like a baby’s. You won’t be able to resist touching and cuddling her!

Adorable Sleeper

When you receive “Sophia,” she will arrive in a beautiful sleeper adorned with delicate roses. This adds an extra touch of charm and elegance to the doll, making her even more irresistible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the doll suitable for children?

No, “Sophia” is not recommended for children under the age of 14. She is a collectible doll designed for adult collectors.

2. How big is the doll?

“Sophia” measures approximately 19 inches in length, making her the perfect size to cradle in your arms.

3. Can the doll be bathed?

No, “Sophia” is not designed to be bathed. Exposing her to water may damage her delicate features.

4. Can the doll’s clothes be changed?

Yes, “Sophia” can be dressed in different outfits. However, please note that her sleeper adorned with roses is specially designed for her and adds to her overall charm.


If you are looking for a lifelike and interactive baby doll, “Sophia” is the perfect choice. With her touch-activated features, realistic weight, and RealTouch skin, she will provide you with a truly magical experience. Add this masterpiece by Linda Murray to your collection and enjoy the joy and wonder she brings.

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