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Enhance Your Audio Experience with PROZOR Pre-Amplifier: High-Quality M/M Phono Preamp with Adjustable Level Volume Controls, 2 RCA and 3.5mm Interfaces, and Included 12V 1A Power Adapter

Enhance Your Audio Experience with the PROZOR Pre-Amplifier for Turntable


Are you an audiophile looking to take your vinyl listening experience to the next level? Look no further than the PROZOR Pre-Amplifier for Turntable. This high-quality preamp is designed specifically for turntables, providing you with enhanced sound quality and control over your audio.

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SEO Meta Description: Elevate your vinyl listening experience with the PROZOR Pre-Amplifier for Turntable. This preamp is designed for audiophiles, offering improved sound quality and volume control.

Key Features of the PROZOR Pre-Amplifier for Turntable

  • High-quality preamp designed for turntables
  • Compatible with M/M phono cartridges
  • Equipped with level volume controls for precise audio adjustments
  • Offers 2 RCA and 3.5mm interfaces for versatile connectivity options
  • Includes a 12V 1A power adapter for convenient power supply

Why Choose the PROZOR Pre-Amplifier?

The PROZOR Pre-Amplifier for Turntable stands out from the competition due to its exceptional features and performance. Here are some reasons why you should consider this preamp:

1. Enhanced Sound Quality

With the PROZOR Pre-Amplifier, you can enjoy a richer and more detailed audio experience. It amplifies the weak signal from your turntable, resulting in improved sound quality and clarity.

2. Precise Volume Control

Thanks to the level volume controls, you have complete control over the audio output. Adjust the volume to your desired level and fine-tune it for the perfect listening experience.

3. Versatile Connectivity

The preamp offers multiple connectivity options, including 2 RCA and 3.5mm interfaces. This allows you to connect your turntable to various audio devices, such as amplifiers, speakers, and headphones.

4. Easy to Use

The PROZOR Pre-Amplifier is designed for user convenience. It features a simple plug-and-play setup, making it easy for anyone to install and use. No technical expertise is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the PROZOR Pre-Amplifier compatible with all turntables?

A: The PROZOR Pre-Amplifier is compatible with turntables that use M/M phono cartridges. Please check the specifications of your turntable to ensure compatibility.

Q: Can I connect headphones directly to the preamp?

A: Yes, you can connect headphones to the preamp using the 3.5mm interface. This allows you to enjoy your vinyl collection privately.

Q: Does the preamp require an external power source?

A: Yes, the PROZOR Pre-Amplifier comes with a 12V 1A power adapter. It needs to be connected to a power source for proper functioning.


The PROZOR Pre-Amplifier for Turntable is a must-have for any audiophile looking to enhance their vinyl listening experience. With its high-quality design, precise volume control, and versatile connectivity options, this preamp will take your audio to new heights. Invest in the PROZOR Pre-Amplifier and enjoy the full potential of your turntable.

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